KC2500 beam load cell 2.500 Kg

  • Tension and compression measuring from 0 to 2.500 Kg
  • Redundant (optional)
  • Strong and reliable, low profile
  • Good quality/costs ratio
  • Individual report test and characterization in Kg, N, kN etc.
  • Built-in gauging circuit to ease the calibration of the measuring system
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Cantilever load cells KC Series are designed in high resistance steel. They are based on the strain gauge measuring system, in order to obtain the most important performances and a great thermic stability. Beside the standard version, these transducers are available with a double measuring bridge, redundant, with two independent output wires, for the applications where it is requested the maximum functional safe.

Each load cell is equipped with an individual calibration certificate, with the possibility to be characterized in Kg, N, kN, Lb, etc.

These transducers have an environmental protection of IP65. Thanks to rubbers and silicon protection they protect the cells from water, oil and dust.

The low profile, the strength and the good price make these transducers suitable for different applications: automation; quality control; industrial weighing; textile machines; research and development; heavy lift; vehicles; packaging machines; converting machines; presses; ceramic machines; medical machines; flexographic machines.


2500 Kg

Environmental protection



2mV/V (tip.)

Total error

< ±0,2 % FS

Repeatability error

± ≤ 0,002% FS

Zero balancing

2% FS max

Wheatstone gauge strain impedance

350 Ohm

Excitation accepted

10Vcc/ca; 20Vcc/ca max

Insulation resistance

> 5 G Ω

Natural frequency

3360 Hz @ Fullscale (no load adapter, on load axis)


150 % FS

Operating temperature

-10 to 40 compensated; operating -10 to +80°C

Output signal type



Optional, with double measure bridge and independent electrical connection


High resistance steel

Ingombri dimensionali PT500 Ingombri dimensionali serie PT500 PT500 Ingombri dimensionali

(con uscita non condizionata, mV/V)

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