BC305DAl Miniaturized load cells

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The transducers of the BC304 series are miniaturized low-profile load cells, with an alluminium alloy for aeronautic use measuring body, for traction / compression loads, with extremely small dimensions and provide excellent value for money.

The transducer is secured with counter bored through holes by means of four M4 fixing screws and is equipped with a threaded pin M8 x 1,25 (with semi-spherical loading head) that allows the load to be transferred to the sensor through the installation of a UNI5721-M8 cap-nut – to be screwed on the transducer body until the mechanical stop.

These can be used for applications on automatic machines, medical instrumentation, robotics, welding machines, multi-point measurements, machine tools, winding machines, automotive testing machines, quality control of fitness machines, for load control applications in lifts, etc.


± 300 Kg

Environmental protection



1mV/V (tip.)

Total error

≤ ± 0,5 % FS

Repeatability error

≤ ±0,1% FS tip.

Temperature effect on zero within 5° C

≤ ± 0,08% FS/°C

Zero balancing

≤ ± 3% FS

Recommended power supply

10 Vcc/ac


1,5 times FS max

Output signal type



Aluminium alloy for aeronautic use

Dimensioni d'ingombro BC304

(con uscita non condizionata, mV/V)

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